Fun and hilarity in the singularity

How We Got Started

Jeff and Carla had dinner with Richard Launius and Steve Avery during Buckeye Game Fest. Richard and Steve inspired them to take the next step from designers to publishers.

Shortly thereafter, gamer and good friend, Sean Gardner, expresses his desire to find a job in the game industry. With Sean's long history as a highly-skilled project manager, he was exactly what was necessary to bring the whole endeavor to life.

Originally, there was a plan to call the company TFD Games originally, but there was already a plethora of companies in the world named TFD so the plan was scrapped. When later asked what the name was, Carla exclaimed "Well, we're nothing now!"

In October 2016, gamer, graphic artist, and IT pro, Jonathan Anglin, offers to lend a hand with the graphic design. Bringing his 15 years spent as a professional graphic artist in the print industry to bear on NNG really took the pressure off the others.